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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007...1:49 am

Thai Vegetarian Festival

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Thai Vegitarian Festival piercing
Thai Vegitarian Festival piercing with a saw

Global Video Productions was there to capture the incredible acts of self-mortification. This event is available in high digital resolution video and photo. Please contact us for pricing details.

In Thailand, the most talked – about vegetarian festival is in Southern Province of Phuket where the auspicious ceremony is held in a grand celebration. During the 9-day period, the devout Chinese Buddhists dress in white attire, convert to vegetarians and observe the ten rules in order to purify their minds and bodies.

Besides a strict vegetarian diet and temple offering, some highlights of the 9-day event include incredible acts of self -mortification such as climbing knife – blade ladders, walking on hot coals, a ritual of bridge – crossing and a street – procession in which the mediums in a state of trance have their cheeks pierced and bodies spiked with various types of sharp objects.

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