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Monday, August 31st, 2009...12:16 pm

Kadangyan Music Video. Shot In Philippines

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Kandangyan music video shot on location in jungles of Philippines. A popular Filipino group playing their own composed music. Most instruments handmade. A difficult shoot.


  • what are the names of each instruments used? tnx

  • I would lyk 2 ask about the title and the lyrics sang in this video. We will use that information in our roleplaying of different ethnic groups in the Philippines. A requisite for our course subject “sociology and anthropology”

  • wondering how we can get a copy of their (Kadangyan) music video.

  • Correction on email address, 1st submission didnt have 2011 on it. Need to know how to get a copy of Kadangayan music cd or video. Thank you.

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