World’s Fastest Coconut Husker, with his teeth) Bohol, Philippines

Walk carefully to the end of the very long Bamboo HANGING BRIDGE here on exotic Bohol Island and you will find the World’s FASTEST Coconut Husker, using only his BARE TEETH! Doesn’t need a toothbrush as the coconut husk does an excellent job of cleaning. If you want to save on toothpaste, try it! He started when he was 12 years old and so far has husked over 400 hundred coconuts!

1 thought on “World’s Fastest Coconut Husker, with his teeth) Bohol, Philippines”

  • well i susbsitute vitamin water for water becuase i dont like water at all. on the other hand i burn off all those calories because imma cheerleader ans we practice a lot. so it matters what your doing if if its good for you or not.

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